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TN Professionals

Are you a Canadian or Mexican Citizen?

Are you considered a qualified professional?

Do you wish to work in the U.S. temporarily?

If you answered "Yes" to the three questions above, the TN visa may be for you!, The TN visa category is a special category created under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) for qualifying professionals who are nationals of Canada or Mexico, intending to work temporarily in the U.S.


To qualify for a TN visa and be able to work for a U.S.-based employer, a Canadian or Mexican national must possess the necessary credentials to be considered a "qualified professional" under this category. Generally, a bachelor's degree or higher is usually required. Some examples of individuals who are generally considered as qualified professionals are accountants, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, scientists and teachers. The full list of occupations that are regarded as qualified professionals is included at the end of this chapter.

Since the nature of the TN visa is temporary, the visa holder must intend to depart the U.S. upon completion of his or her authorized stay. If the TN visa holder attempts to apply for permanent residency while in TN status in the United States, the individual can be denied a renewal of his TN visa in future.

Types of TN Visas

There are two different types of TN visas:

TN-1 visa: For Canadian professionals.

TN-2 visa: For Mexican professionals.

Spouses and unmarried children (under 21) of TN visa holders may apply for a TD visa, in order to accompany their spouse or parent to the United States (TD-1 for the family members of a Canadian citizen worker, or TD-2 for those of a Mexican citizen worker).

Requirements for TN Visa Status

There are different requirements for TN-1 and TN-2 visa applicants.

TN-1 Visa (Canadian Professional):
TN-2 Visa (Mexican Professional):

How long can I stay in the U.S. on a TN visa?

You can stay in the U.S. for three (3) years on a TN visa. After the three-year period, you can apply for an extension.

As a TN-1 or TN-2 visa holder, can my family accompany me to the U.S.?

Yes. Your spouse and unmarried children (under 21) can accompany you as your dependents by applying for TD visas. TD visas may be obtained at the nearest U.S. Consulate or at a designated port of entry into the U.S. If your dependents marry or turn 21, they will no longer be eligible for dependent status in the TN visa categories. Your dependents must then apply to change to another status or leave the U.S.

Can I work or attend school while in the U.S.?

TD visa holders cannot work in the U.S., but are allowed to attend school without changing to another nonimmigrant status.


If you are a qualified professional and a citizen of either Canada or Mexico, and wish to work temporarily in the United States, you may be eligible for a TN visa. Mexican nationals must apply for a TN-2 visa prior to admission in the U.S., but Canadian nationals may apply for a TN-1 visa at the port of entry into the U.S. On a TN visa, your family may accompany you to the U.S. They will be unable to work, but may attend school without changing to another nonimmigrant status.

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