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Immigration Law representation provided in all 50 states.


Immigration policies in America are under more pressure than ever making it difficult obtaining visas, causing disruption in people’s lives and in extreme cases, leading to the fracturing of families.

If you or somebody you know is faced with a difficult situation in relation to immigration law, know that the legal representation you seek is pivotal to your case’s success.

When looking for an immigration lawyer in Queens, NY, choosing to rely on the collective experience of the highly skilled attorney’s at “Gehi & Associates” can give you the edge you need.

Clients from all walks of life have come to our Queens, New York-based law firm seeking help.

People battling deportation orders, people trapped in immigration custody, people looking for visa extensions – we’ve helped them all obtain bonds, fight for permanent residency and defend their rights in federal court.

If you or somebody you know is at risk of being torn away from their lives due to deportation or are facing other serious problems as a result of immigration law, don’t leave your fight to chance.

Call the immigration law offices of “Gehi & Associates” today to schedule a free consultation in Queens, New York and let’s develop a plan to make sure you get the legal outcome you’re looking for – 718-263-5999

Our team of attorney’s collective experience in immigration law has made us an authority in many specialties. Here are just a few of the things we help our clients with every day:

The highly skilled attorneys at Gehi & Associates are here to provide representation for all immigration legal needs. Specialties include:

  • Deportation
  • Immigration detention
  • Fiancé visa
  • Marriage based immigration cases
  • Sponsoring relatives
  • Fraud waivers and I-601 waivers
  • H-1B visa for highly skilled individuals
  • Employment-based visa
  • The P visa for talented athletes and entertainers
  • Citizenship representation
  • Criminal immigration
  • Battered spouses
  • Citizenship with representation before the USCIS
  • O visas
  • P visas
  • I -140 petitions under EB1 EB2 and EB3 categories
  • CRI
  • L-1A and L-1B visas
  • Religious workers
  • National interest waiver cases
  • Responding to complex RFE’s
  • Second opinion regarding immigration matters
  • Federal court litigation
  • Representation before immigration judges throughout all 50 US states and before the board of immigration appeals.
  • Labor Law
  • American with Disabilities Act Law
  • Family Law

Experienced Immigration Lawyers in Queens, NY

Gehi & Associates is a highly reputable boutique law firm, specializing in US immigration law. The firm has six attorneys working at its three New York City locations and is licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 US states. Legal professionals, including attorneys, police officers and assistant district attorneys, have often recommended Gehi & Associates to individuals in need of immigration representation. Clients that the firm has represented include: attorneys sponsoring relatives, families of government officers, UN employees and individuals in need of immigration legal representation.

Specialties include: family- based immigration, employment -based immigration, complex federal immigration litigation and serious deportation cases. Over the years, the deportation attorneys at Gehi & Associates have helped countless families in resolving removal cases, including detention. If your relative or friend is in immigration custody or is facing deportation, the attorneys at Gehi & Associates can assist you in trying to obtain an immigration bond, fight for your Green Card before the Immigration Judge or even successfully fighting for your rights in the Federal Court.

Naresh M. Gehi, the principal attorney of the firm, has been cited as an expert immigration lawyer by Channel 11, WPIX News, and has appeared on New York 1 TV and has also appeared on ABC world news with well-known TV host, Brian Ross. Mr. Gehi has handled terrorism-related immigration cases and has been a speaker at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, as well as a panelist on the Ask the Experts Panel at the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Mr. Gehi, and his firm have a proven track record of handling extremely complex immigration matters of every type. Our immigration attorneys are highly experienced in handling these multifaceted immigration law matters.

If you have a complex immigration matter, please call Gehi & Associates in Jamaica at 718.263.5999 for a free initial personal consultation.


Just rereleased, expanded and updated in a new second edition for The Trump Era, IMMIGRATION FOR EVERYONE is the definitive one volume reference book on US immigration law. The book is written with non-lawyers in mind, utilizing simple Plain English language to give easily understandable yet comprehensive explanations of virtually all US immigration policies, with chapters covering employment-based immigration, family immigration, education immigration and more.

Gehi & Associates assists clientele from all US states and around the world in resolving their immigration law matters. The lawyers of Gehi & Associates are regularly involved in litigation before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Federal Courts. Gehi & Associates in Jamaica Queens can help you with your work permit, green card and deportation law matters.

The practice of the firm includes all aspects of immigration law including family-marriage based Green Cards, fiancé visas, work permits, political and religious asylum cases, battered spouse petitions, employment-based immigration, entertainers’ and performers’ visas, investors visas, E visas, L-1 visas, F-1 student visas, M-1 visas, religious workers, Temporary Protected Status cases, RFEs (Request for Evidence), etc. We practice immigration proficient for all 50 states within our reputable law practices.

The Best Queens Immigration Attorney NYC

If you or somebody you know is facing an immigration based legal issue, let us help bring the stability you deserve back to your life with a free consultation at our Queens, New York-based office by calling the following number – 718-263-5999



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