Naresh M. Gehi, Esq.

Senior Attorney

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Phone: 718-263-5999

Founder of the firm, Naresh Gehi, is an accomplished lawyer who has appeared on CNN, ABC World News with Brain Ross, Fox News and has been featured in the Forbes magazine. His articles have also appeared in The New York Times and he was featured on Ask The Experts panel at the American Immigration Law Association. He is also a regular expert on Wpix 11 for latest immigration news and has appeared on the Aux panel of ABA.

He is an untapped resource for immigration law and because of his vast knowledge and innate dedication to helping others—he has written Immigration For Everyone.

A clear and comprehensive book to help non-lawyers understand immigration like lawyer do so that they can make informed decision about their future.

Naresh Gehi is an ardent advocate for justice and with his previous work with the United Nations as (ask him), he’s also a distinguished authority in political asylum, another aspect of the law he concentrates in. He mentors students at New York State University and is devoted to the goal of making the world a fairer and kinder place. He has represented high profile clients like Bollywood celebrities Shah Rukh Khan and has fought and won the case against Trump Model Management.

His unparalleled track record and supreme commitment to serving the community has led him to serve on the finance team of the former first lady and former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.

Naresh Gehi has also been a recipient of several awards from the state of New York in light of his accomplishments as an attorney. Under his leadership and mentorship, the firm has won (no. of cases won).

3 petitions and 5 marriage interviews had failed to convince federal immigration authorities that Inderjit Singh and Shari Feldman’s union was not a charade to get a green card. After 17 years of marriage, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services still weren’t convinced of their union and the highly publicized case was covered by The New York Times. Mr. Gehi was the lead attorney on that case and after carefully understanding the unique nature of the case, he requested extra patience from the Strokes examiner—highlighting Mr. Singh’s memory problems due to his injuries. Mr. Gehi further reinstates the policy of going beyond obligatory to understand the specifications of each case to alter the solution that empathetically empowers every client that comes to the firm.

Mr. Gehi also fought and won one of the hardest immigration cases in recent history against the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A client whose name

and birth date matched that of a suspected terrorist was denied green card on multiple attempts—Mr. Gehi was successful in getting the green card,

doing what numerous lawyers before him had failed to do.