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*What an immigration attorney can help you with?*

With the recent turbulent immigration scenarios, now more than ever you  need an immigration attorney to guide you through the policies in America. We have gone out of our way to help reunite families and have fought hard for people battling deportation. We are experts at assisting people who are battling deportation orders, navigate immigration custody and regularly work with people looking for visa extensions. We help our clients obtain bonds, fight for permanent residency and defend their right in federal courts.

We are known for an immigration visa and under the guidance of Naresh Gehi, we have an unrivaled reputation of brilliance.

Services we provide to make sure you have a stable life are:

1. Deportation
2. Immigration Detention
3. Fiancé visa
4. Marriage based immigration cases
5. Sponsoring relatives
6. Fraud waivers and I-601 waivers
7. H-1B visa for highly skilled individuals
8. Employment-based visa
9. The P visa for talented athletes and entertainers
10. Citizenship representation
11. Criminal immigration
12. Battered spouses
13. Citizenship with representation before the USCIS
14. O visas
15. P visas
16. I -140 petitions under EB1 EB2 and EB3 categories
17. CRI
18. L-1A and L-1B visas
19. Religious workers
20. National interest waiver cases
21. Responding to complex RFE’s
22. A second opinion regarding immigration matters
23. Federal court litigation
24. Representation before immigration judges throughout all 50 US states and before the board of immigration appeals.
25. American with Disabilities Act Law

*What a divorce lawyer can help you with?*

We have won countless uncontested and contested divorce cases. Here is why you need a divorce attorney:

1. Failure to address the issue of life insurance as security for child support payment obligations can lead to lifelong costs—should the paying parent passes away      with either listing or having life insurance, lack of protection for the child and the surviving parent can be a financial constraint

2. Mishandling the distribution of a retirement account can lead to severe penalties and income tax repercussions that attorneys at the firm
can protect you against.

3. Accidentally mishandling custody in your agreement as shared instead of joint can be the reason you can’t have your child home for Christmas.

We go out of our way to provide you with the right attorney during such a tumultuous time in your life. We help you navigate life-altering choices and fight for you so that you can focus on moving on and creating a stable life ahead. Even if you have an uncontested divorce, wherein you and your spouse agree on all divorce-related issues like child custody, division of marital property and spousal support, we safeguard you from future repercussions that might occur. At Gehi & Associates, we have your back. For sensitive cases we also provide women attorneys should you request the same.

Services we also provide:

Uncontested Divorce
Spousal Maintenance
Division of Assets
Legal separation
High-income Divorce
Prenuptial Agreements

*What a family lawyer can help you with?*

At Gehi & Associate, we treat you like family and not just a case number. We go out of our way to guide you with compassion and care. When selecting a lawyer for your family, you are not just picking a person to represent you but a person who will help secure the future of your family. With us, you can be confident that we will defend your case and protect your loved ones like our own.

We also take the pressure off your shoulders, take charge and handle everything so you don’t have to spend hours in anxiety.

Services we also provide:

Child Custody
Child Support
Child Abuse
Spousal Support
Domestic Violence
Father’s Rights
Prenuptial Agreements
Order of protections

*What a bankruptcy lawyer can help you with?*

No cash flow? Are you tired of receiving debt collections calls? Unable to pay your bills? Constant calls from creditors? Unsure how to handle the debt piling up? Have all your checks bounced? Do you have to shut down your
business because you can’t pay your employees anymore?

If you are in any of these turbulent situations, we are here to assist you and be your anchor. We at Gehi & Associates understand that financial conditions can change in anytime and the pressure debt collectors place on you can be overwhelming. If you’re tired of receiving debt collection calls and want somebody to step in, you can rely on us to take care of you. Bankruptcy filling can be tedious and dealing with creditors is not always easy which is why we have specialized attorneys to do all the heavy lifting for you.

*We assist you with chapter 7 and chapter 13. *

*What a labor and employment attorney can help you with them?*

Over $ recovered for our clients

We have over 25 years of expertise in handling private and public sector employment disputes. We are well versed with employee benefits and employment law, so when you are targeted or harassed by an employer, we step in to protect you. We protect the rights of employees who have come forward to report the illegal conduct of their employers under the Federal False Claims Act or the Whistleblower Laws of New York State and New York City.

We protect your rights if you have experienced sexual or non-sexual harassment on the job as well.

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