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Family and Divorce Law

Gehi and Associates also handle divorce (uncontested and contested) cases. You may wonder why you need an attorney to file for divorce. The divorce process in NY, especially for contested divorce, is extremely complex and requires the skill of a competent lawyer. Our team of attorneys know the divorce process from the intial stage to the final judgment. In addition, we will handle your child support and/or child custody matter.

What are the types of divorce in NY?

1) Uncontested- An “Uncontested Divorce,” as opposed to a “contested divorce,” is where you and your spouse are in agreement regarding all divorce-related issues (i.e., child custody and support, division of marital property or spousal support); and your spouse either agrees to the divorce, or is served and fails to appear in the divorce action.

2) Contested-New York State defines any divorce to be contested if you and your spouse disagree on at least one aspect of divorce at the time of filing. While a contested divorce, by definition, can be more complicated than an uncontested one, you will be in good hands by hiring a good lawyer.

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