J Visas

Are you a foreign national between the ages of 18-26 ? Can you read, write and speak English very well? If yes, then you may qualify for the J-1 visa (Exchange Visitor Program).

The J visa is a part of the U.S. Exchange Visitor Program. The purpose of the program is to promote educational and cultural exchanges between people of the U.S. and people of other countries. Some of the occupations that can qualify for a J-1 visa include camp counselor, government visitor, intern, physician, professor or research scholar, specialist, high school or college/university student, au pair (nanny), and teacher. To find out more about qualifying for a J-1 visa, if your occupation is listed above, visit the U.S. Department of State website.



Au Pair Program

12 months. Extension 6, 9, or 12 months possible.
Camp Counselors4 months. No extensions.
College and University Student ProgramBachelor/Master degree: 18 months
Post Doctoral: 36 months
Non-degree: 24 months
Government Visitor Program
18 months
Intern Program12 Months
International Visitor Program12 months
Physician ProgramDuration of the residency program. Maximum 7 Years.
Professor and Research Scholar Program
Maximum 5 Years. Minimum 3 weeks.
Professor and Research Scholar Program12 Months
Secondary School Student Program6 Months
Specialist Program12 Months
Summer Work Travel Program4 Years
Teacher Program3
Trainee ProgramAgriculture, Hospitality: 12 months
Others: 18 months

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