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Richmond Hill Immigration Lawyer

Many immigration lawyers practice in the US, including Richmond Hill and its environs. Therefore, choosing a good immigration lawyer among the many becomes a tedious process for many. If you are looking for a Richmond Hill immigration lawyer, here are the top questions you can ask during the initial consultation:

What experience do you have in law? – Ask the lawyer about his experience, and more importantly, working experience in immigration law. Immigration law is different from other legal processes and requires knowledge of the processes involved in a legal procedure. Therefore, a lawyer specializing in immigration law can offer you good services.

Have you handled a case like mine before? – A lawyer with previous experience handling a case exactly like yours has a good understanding of what the case can be like and knows how best to handle it. Immigration law is wide and involves many services, meaning your lawyer might not have handled a case similar to yours. If they have no similar experience, ask why they think they can handle your case successfully.

Who will be handling my case? – Most law offices have many lawyers offering different services. The person you are speaking to might not be the one to represent you. Furthermore, many other people such as paralegals and research assistants help with legal cases.

What are my chances and what can i do to improve them? – A good immigration attorney is able to give you an honest opinion of what they think about your case and how it might perform. The lawyer should be realistic and provide you with honest feedback based on information regarding your case.

Work closely with your immigration lawyer so the process runs smooth, increasing your chances of winning. Ask how you can help to make your lawyer’s work easier and improve chances of winning the case. Provide all required documents and honest information throughout the process.

Are you a member of any organization? – A good Richmond Hill immigration lawyer should be a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and other such organizations with an aim of helping their members perform better in their careers. The organizations keep them informed of the immigration law and any changes that occur.

What’s your action plan if I choose you? – It’s good for an experienced immigration lawyer to come up with an action plan for your case. If they don’t have it ready during the first consultation, they should at least tell you what the initial steps in handling your case would entail. The response you get to your question will tell you a lot regarding the lawyer’s experience and enthusiasm to win your case.

How long will it take? – An experienced lawyer has handled other cases similar to yours and thus should be able to give you a rough estimate of the time it would take to handle your case. However, no two cases are the same, so the timeline can slightly differ. Knowing how long it will take to represent your case can help you plan and prepare yourself.

Remember to ask for references, the charges or cost involved, a written contract you can review, and when the process can get started. How well a lawyer is able to answer your questions shows their prowess in handling legal cases and whether you should use their services.

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